Danish Bike Purchase

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Categorized
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One thing you’ll find in Copenhagen, are a LOT of bikes. I would go as far as to say you aren’t “fully Danish” until you own a bike. Well yesterday I entered onto the path of becoming a Dane by purchasing a bike. It almost felt like I was buying my first car, as I even got the chance to take it for a test-drive! Luckily it was only 600DKK which is about 110USD. That is REALLY cheap for a bike compared to the amount that most people tend to pay for a good quality bike (this can range from 200USD to sometimes 1,500USD). My bike is blue with a basket in the front and the back. I even got the change to bike all the way from where I purchased the bike to my apartment, which was about a 2km bike ride. I must admit I am kind of terrified of biking in Copenhagen. Here it’s one of their major modes of transportation, so bikers even have their own lanes and traffic lights. You even have to have a bike light for riding at night and you use your hands as signals for when you want to stop or when you want to turn. Also, you have a bell that signals for people to move out of your way or that you won’t be stopping for the unlucky person in your path. Whenever I hear a biker’s bell my life sort of flashes before my eyes.

Overall it’s a cheap and actually healthy way to get around the bike accessible Copenhagen. I made it back safely to my apartment and enjoyed the scenery as I rode back.  I can now save money, since I don’t have to buy a monthly public transportation pass. Watch out Copenhagen, a new biker is coming through, and I can’t wait to utilize my bell. ^_^

My bike


My Bike


  1. John Youngman says:

    On a recent visit to Copenhagen, I noticed some very clever l.e.d. bike lights for urban riding that were fixed to the axles (making them very difficult to steal) and which were charged by the rotation of the wheels. I have failed to find anything about them on the web and so would be very grateful for any information; like the website and phone No of a good bike shop in Denmark.

    Kind regards

    John Y

    • brunsonw says:

      I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about as I have some on my bike. They are called, “Magnet lygter” or “Magnetic lights”and can be purchased at most shops like Føtex or Kvickly and sometimes even Netto in the specialty isles (in Copenhagen). So try those out! At the moment I’m not sure of any websites but I will let you know as soon as I find out something. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

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