Biking in Copenhagen

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Categorized
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So far I really like biking around Copenhagen. It is such a nice change from relying on the bus. I can leave when I want to leave and set my own schedule. One thing I must admit, biking during rush hour can be very challenging. There is so much construction going on in the Copenhagen City Center, particularly on my route to and from school. So sometimes it can get a bit congested and everyone is just as different experience levels. Today, one man just stopped abruptly while there were a long line of bikers RIGHT behind me. I think my life flashed before my eyes. Luckily I reacted fast and stopped without causing the other bikers to crash into me. Oh well, it just helps me get a better feel for what to watch out for when I’m biking.


  1. Always be cautious of the person riding their bike in front of you. Just like driving, try not to drive up too close on the back of the person. I like to have at least a bike length in front of me.  This is just in case someone stops too fast, you’ll then have enough room to react appropriately.
  2. Watch out for people that just walk in front of you WHILE you are biking. They always think they will make it across the biker path before you ride by. This is not always the case.
  3. During rush hour people will be riding really fast, don’t let the biker rush make you ride your bike faster than you would like. The right lane is like a slow lane, so stay in that and ride the pace you want to ride. If someone wants to pass you, then they’ll just ride in the left lane and pass you. I usually end up riding slowly in rush hour because it’s usually really congested. Always error on the side of caution.
  4. Even if you think someone isn’t behind you, always use the appropriate hand signals. Raise your hand if you are going to stop, try to do it at least 5-10m before you are going to stop. If you are going to turn, you put your hand out to the respective side that you are going to turn. It’s as simple as that.

Overall, I think biking is a very convenient and right now it gives me a thrill. It’s like I’m driving to school, just with my bike. I even have my iPod on low to get the effect of listening to the radio in the morning. ^_^


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