Stockholm: The Capital of Scandinavia?

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Categorized
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I apologize for being MIA. Even though I’m on break, I’ve been very busy. However, I have A LOT of stuff to blog about, so expect a lot of blog posts in the next couple of days.  So, from Nov. 9th to Nov. 11th, I decided to take a trip to Stockholm. According to the tourist website, Stockholm is classified as the Capital of Scandinavia, even though Copenhagen gets the most tourist visits, annually.

Nov. 9th
So on Tuesday, November 9th, I left Copenhagen around 10:19am and arrived in Stockholm about 3:40pm. I must admit I was a bit shocked at all the snow that I saw accumulating as the train pulled into Stockholm, because all the weather reports I had checked out, said Stockholm was supposed to be sunny. However, when I arrived Stockholm had just been hit with a snowstorm which basically turned into sleet! Not only that, the Metro Station was PACKED with people, trying to get home and avoid the slush-filled roads. After about 3 train attempts, I finally made my way onto a packed train and didn’t get to my hostel until about 4:30pm. The hostel was VERY nice and hotel quality. They provided cooking and eating utensils along with free pasta. Well after finally settling in, I decided to pull out my tourist map and plan out some of the things I wanted to see/experience in Stockholm.

Since the weather was so crappy, I decided to just check out the area around my hostel, which was by the metro station, Skanstrull. This area had lots of restaurants! Other than that, I couldn’t really find anything spectacular. So I ended up having dinner at a restaurant with a Swedish-Greek influence. I then finished off my night meeting up with a Grinnell alum from the class of ’07 and having hot chocolate in a small cafe where we discussed the trajectory of our lives, post-Grinnell College.

Nov. 10th
After compiling a list of things I wanted to see, today was packed with things I wanted to see in Stockholm. I basically woke up around 7:30am and made my way to Gamla Stan, which is the old, Medieval looking city of Stockholm, which attracts lots of tourists. Unfortunately, I was an early bird and arrived there about an hour before most shops actually opened, but it was still a great chance to check out the city before it was flooded with tourists. Gamla Stan was very beautiful it was like walking through a blast from the past. Around noon, I experienced the rather popular, Royal changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace. Next, I stopped to have hot white chocolate at, Chokladkoppen, known for their famous hot chocolate. For a change of scenery, I hopped on the next metro train all the way to Rådmansgatan to purchase chocolate at Pralinhuset! Please check this chocolate shop out because it was definitely worth it. They had over 200 types of chocolate candies around 7SEK (1USD) per piece. I won’t say how much I spent but after eating one piece I was almost ready to buy one of each piece.

For the rest of the day, I just wandered around the Northern part of Stockholm being a typical tourist checking out all the beautiful churches, statues, and buildings. I really liked the location of the City Hall which was right by the water and had an amazing view of the other islands of the Stockholm area. I also, checked out some of the major shopping areas, Åhlens City and Gallerian, typical mall areas, which didn’t really fascinate me that much. Also, a great place to visit is the Culture House, it’s a great tourist attraction and it’s full of state of the art design and exhibitions. Since it was so cold and it kept snowing in Stockholm, I spent some time here to just relax and explore the different cultural aspects of Stockholm. Lastly, I ended the night off with meeting up with my Grinnell friend from class of ’07. After walking around and trying to avoid high prices, we eventually ate some very good Swedish Persian food.

If you want to travel to Stockholm try to consider the weather as a factor. I felt like I got a pretty good view of Stockholm, since I basically walked around/took the metro throughout almost all of the City Center in one day. My first impressions: Stockholm is very metro accessible and is definitely internalizing itself for tourists. Compared to Copenhagen, Stockholm was very multi-ethnic! I just saw so many different types of people and I thought it was maybe because I was in the tourist areas but even outside those areas, I had a bit of difficult trying to figure out what a Swedish person actually looks like, which isn’t really a bad thing. I did want to visit some of the museums, particularly the Multicultural Center and the Museum of Ethnography. However, they were kind of far out and since I was only in Stockholm for 2 days or 1 full day, I wouldn’t have been able to see anything else. Next time I’m in Stockholm I would love to check out the night life and more of the distant islands by a boat tour. Although, Stockholm is bigger than Copenhagen, I think it might be labeled the Capital of Scandinavia because of it’s central location in Scandinavia. I still like the small feel of Copenhagen and relatively fun night life. Maybe, I’m biased but I think Copenhagen is the Capital of Scandinavia.

  1. Stone says:

    Though I’ve never been to Stockholm, my fondness for Copenhagen forbids me to say that anywhere else is the capital of Scandinavia..

    I suppose it’s like asking the question, “what’s the capital of Asia?” oh my that’ll get people fired up real quick…If we’re talking about central location being “capital”, that’ll place it right on..Mongolia? lol

  2. Michelle Okafor says:

    Hey Winnon! Sounds like the night life is something to look forward to! Definitely learning a lot on your blog posts! Peace.

  3. brunsonw says:

    Thanks everyone for your replies!

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  6. JEPPE says:


    • brunsonw says:

      The title is just playing on a joke that I’ve heard my Danish room mates make in relation to if Copenhagen or Stockholm is the capital of Scandinavia. Scandinavia has been historically referred to as a region and with Denmark once being a huge monarchy and reduced to its current size, this post was just playing on the Swedish v. Denmark “rivalry” in a light hearted manner. 🙂

      • AWorldtoosee Andtryto Understand says:

        So, Mexico City (I think is the largest) is the capital of America. Please, understand this, as I am writing this with both respect for your travels, writing and blogs: Scandinavia is not a Country! If you cannot look at Europe, or parts thereof, as individual Countries, then your stay in Denmark faild to teach you certain things. Imagine this: You go to New Mexico, and call that american speaking guy with the truck and hat, Mexican, and you will see the, “Right to bear Arms-part” of the constitution, in full function. “Stone” looks at it right! There is no Capital if Scandinavia, is not a Country!.

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