Fulbright Thanksgiving Dinner & International Dinner at Levende Kirke

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Categorized
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Fulbright Thanksgiving Dinner
On the 18, the Fulbright Office hosted our Mid-Term Seminar and Thanksgiving Dinner. We began with a discussion about our academic/research goals, cultural observations, and feedback to improve the Fulbright program. I really enjoyed this part of the night, as all the Fulbrighters had the chance to update everyone on their experiences with Denmark. I think all the Fulbrighters seemed to enjoy their time here so far. I won’t bore you with all the details. After that we had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. I think they did an excellent job, trying to imitate the American tradition. We had turkey, sweet potatoes, corn bread, green beans with corn, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. It was definitely a delightful evening as we also shared the dinner with U.S. Embassy members, who were REALLY cool people. We spent the time cracking jokes with each other and some actually pretty good deeper discussions on things such politics, which I am finding to be dinner appropriate with Danes.

International Dinner at Levende Kirke
So I also, attend a church here, called Levende Kirke (Church Alive). It is considered a free church because it isn’t Lutheran, but more in the Pentecostal-Evangelical tradition. I really enjoy this church because they view church time as a family gathering where people get to sing, fellowship, and develop a relationship with God. So last night, they had their annual International Dinner with soo much food! We had Iranian, Indonesian, Polish, Russian, Mexican, Danish and many other cultural dishes! It was such a delightful evening just meeting and eating with people from different cultures. We also, played two games later on in the night. For one game we were given 3 cards and you had to go around and ask someone a question, if you replied ”Yes” or ”No”, then you had to give them one of your cards. The trick was to be as deceitful as possible. Whoever had the most cards at the end was given a prize. The winner was the Pastor of the church, very ironic that the pastor was the most deceitful.  😀

Next, we played a Trivia game where there was a map on the wall and I think 5 different teams with a different culture’s flag as their marker. We were given a question about a usually obscure geographical location and each team had to place their marker pointing to the geographical location. After each team has chosen the location, a bullseye was displayed and teams were given a point by who was the closest to the bullseye. Well, my team, Team USA won, which had people from 8 different nationalities. After that we had  a very Danish dessert, Æbleskiver, served with powered sugar and jelly. We also had other desserts like brownies, a banana chocolate dish and other delicious goodies. Of course this was all served with coffee and tea. Overall, it was a great night and a nice way to meet different people.

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  2. Was just looking for Levende Kirke’s website and ended up on your page… good memories were had, Winnon! 🙂 It was great to meet you in Copenhagen last year. (BTW, shouldn’t be a surprise that Pastor Chris won the game… he’s a lawyer, remember? ;)) -ga

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