New Years in Copenhagen!

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Categorized
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Where do I even begin? First, I had a 12 hour night filled with New Year’s festivities! One of my roommates’ stepsister invited me over for New Year’s Eve dinner at 5pm. Biking there was definitely an experience, because the street that my roommates’ step sister lived on, was still full of snow! I definitely got a kick out of trying to bike through the snow and hoping that people didn’t see how frustrated I became after having to ride and then get off my bike. Nevertheless, the New Year’s party had about 20-23 people. I was in charge of bringing the wine, which someone told me was code for I probably didn’t know how to cook Danish food, hahaah. So once everyone arrived, we just sat around and had some light snacks with a couple of drinks and at 6pm, everyone sat around the TV to watch Queen Margrethe II’s annual New Year’s Eve speech. Although, my Danish may not be that good, the parts I could understand were very good. She talked about Denmark remaining to its core values, in spite of the economic crisis and that Denmark must not fall into having a crisis of values and still try to look out for each other. After that, we had a toast or “skål!”

Then we had a luxurious dinner. Appetizers: Sushi Rolls with Shrimp served with a salad. The main course was: Creamed Potatoes, Oksesteg (Roast Beef), Mixed Vegetables, Garlic Bread, Roasted Chicken, and I think I might be leaving out more. However, it was all really flavorful. For dessert we had: Tiramisu and an ice cream dessert that was in these shelled shaped cone bowls, it was served with different fruits, sherbet and regular ice cream. I love conversations at dinner and everyone wanted to know about what I study, what I do in my free time here, and just how do I like Denmark. I had some very good conversations with everyone, who were probably in their upper 30’s, but I felt like I fit right in. The question that really had me thinking was when everyone asked me if I was ready to move to Denmark now? Hmmm… I will have to reply to that one at a later time. Well at about 11pm, I had to leave the party because one of my roommates at the apartment was having a party, also. I had promised her that I would be back before midnight because she was throwing a Masquerade Party at the apartment!

Well before midnight at the apartment, we all stood on chairs and after the countdown we jumped down and toasted to each other. Then the sky was FULL of fireworks! Although, there were a lot of fireworks almost the whole month of December it produced a great “show” on New Year’s Eve. After that we all just socialized, ate the very traditional, “Kransekage” or a cake made of marzipan, and had a great party, Danish style which means it lasted until 6am. Oh Denmark…  On New Year’s Day we all had a much needed day of relaxation and basically sat around watching movies all day, from Disney movies to Bridget Jones Diaries.

Overall, I enjoyed New Year’s Eve, I think the Danes really like to make sure they bring in the new year with joy and celebration.  I didn’t hear anyone talking about New Year’s resolutions, which I admit I gave up making a LONG time ago.  There were fireworks everywhere!  On my way back to the apartment, I actually was a bit afraid I might get hit by one!  The streets were filled with people out and about or trying to get to their New Year’s festivities.  I think the whole city of Copenhagen came alive and stayed alive well into New Year’s morning!

Enjoy the pictures below!

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