Madklubben: A Trendy, Elegant and Hyggeligt Restaurant

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Categorized
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Tonight I went to Madklubben with a Fulbright friend.  We’ve decided to do, what we call cultural outings, to explore Danish culture in its entirety.  Tonight’s focus was on eating at a Danish restaurant.  Madklubben is for someone who wants a really fancy dinner, but cannot afford a Michelin restaurant.  The concept behind this restaurant is bistro-de-luxe. The food has its roots in the classic English peasant cuisine but with a modern twist, and the food fits in perfectly with the local rustic style. One course costs DKK 100 (18USD), two courses cost DKK 150 (27USD), three courses DKK 200 (36USD) and four courses DKK 250 (45USD).  So based on the Danish cost of living standards, I think it’s definitely an affordable place to eat.

So I decided to get the 2 course meal with an extra side dish.

Main Course:
Stegt lammeculotte med pære, valnødder, rødbede, og blåskimmel (Roasted lamb romp with pear, walnuts, beetroot, and bleu cheese)

Side dish:
Knuste nye kartofler med rigeligt smør (Mashed potatoes with lots of butter, since it was suggested by the waitress that it went well with the lamb)

Honningkage med gulerod og havtorn (Honey Cake with carrot ice cream and sea buckthorn)

I think the food tasted really good for the amount that I spent.  The lamb was tender and the side dishes were great accompaniments to the lamb.  I didn’t like the skin on the lamb as much because it had the texture and consistency of pork crackling.  The mashed or crushed potatoes as the menu translated it, also tasted good but were a bit on the salty side.  The dessert was a very different twist than what I would have expected.  The carrot ice cream was able to preserve the earthy taste of carrots without the overpowering taste of a sweetener.  The honey cake had the taste of gingerbread and since it was topped with the sea buckthorn, it really brought out the flavor of the dessert.  Also, the customer service was really great and the restaurant had an overall hyggeligt or “cozy” feeling that is so characteristic of Danish restaurants.  It’s where the lighting is just right and there are candles lit everywhere, with designer furniture, usually a black and white interior, and a small, intimate dining setting.  Overall, I would give this restaurant 4/5 stars.

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