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Meeting the Danes for international students or foreigners in general has definitely been a topic of discussion in Denmark. Being a student and living here, I wanted to find more ways to interact and meet Danes outside of a party setting while also becoming active in the community. Meeting Danes through parties can be challenging because most of the times you are either screaming over loud music or not really communicating with someone who might happen to not be so sober.  🙂  So, while reading through the University Post’s, “Top 10 tips to meet Danes”, situated at number 9, I happened to discover, Café Retro Nørrebro.

Café Retro Nørrebro is a non-profit organization who gives its profit to development projects in third world countries, particularly Sierra Leone.  It is owned and run by the organization VIAid, which you are more than welcome to check out more about on the website (posted below).  Café Retro Nørrebro is currently divided into about 6 or so different volunteer teams, each serving the purpose of making the café a welcoming, friendly, and cozy spot for customers and volunteers.

I work for the Public Relations team as the “International Relations Manager”, where we meet about once a month at the moment, brainstorming and discussing creative ways to disseminate and market information about Café Retro Nørrebro among many other developing responsibilities.  For example, we recently discussed implementing a guest book where people get to write what’s on their mind while being at Café Retro Nørrebro or we’ve discussed different ways to increase the visibility of the cafe within Copenhagen such as through more flyers or post cards.

For me, volunteering at Café Retro Nørrebro produces the feeling that I am volunteering for something that I know serves an overall good purpose, which is giving its proceeds to Sierra Leone.  At the same time, I get to enjoy a cozy place with a relaxed atmosphere where I can easily have a chill night, meet new people while enjoying a nice drink, or even do homework since the cafe also has free Wi-Fi!  Also, I get to work with different groups of people and acquire professional competencies that will undoubtedly impact my resume.

I would classify Café Retro Nørrebro as still being in a relatively young phase, as a lot of structural components are still being developed such as creating more cohesion between the different volunteer teams.   If you’re a non-Danish speaking person and are worrying about the language barrier, they try their best to decrease the language barrier as much as possible but you have to keep in mind that most material and some events will be held in Danish.  However, if you’re looking for a great place to volunteer and meet really nice and friendly Danish people, I would really recommend you volunteer here.

Location and Contact Information: Jægersborggade 14 – 2200 København N – tlf. + 45 51 93 28 18
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