About Me

Hello everyone,

I am originally from St. Louis, MO and graduated from Grinnell College in Grinnell, IA, USA.   I am a Fulbright student and Copenhagen Youth Ambassador, spending a year in Copenhagen.  As a Fulbright student, I am a Master’s level, full-time student in the Department of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen.  As a supplementary study to my Fulbright, I am researching the aspects of quality and equity in the Danish healthcare system, particularly between non-Western immigrants and ethnic Danes.   My blog is intended to give you a snapshot of my life here but also be reflective of the transitions of entering and integrating oneself into Danish culture, with my American background as a frame of reference.

I hope you enjoy my blog and please leave comments!

  1. tammie says:

    you are amazing. 🙂 oh wait ..i have told you that before. lol

  2. Tony says:

    can i have ur e mail plz?

  3. Anders says:

    Dear Brunson,
    I just noticed your blog today, which is actually quite sad, also because i work at the University of Copenhagen.
    Your blog is quite frankly one of the best blogs about student life I have ever read. I wish I had stumpled upon before and that I could have had a chance to meet and talk to you.
    I truly hope that you have enjoyed yourself while you were here, despite some of the more unfortunate incidents you describe in your blog.
    All the best to you in the future.
    Anders Peter Schultz

    • brunsonw says:

      Dear Anders,

      Thank you very much for your kind words! Being in Denmark for the past year has definitely changed my life in so many areas and really opened my eyes to intercultural relations on a global scale. It was truly the experience of a lifetime! I think Denmark has something special, that I still try to find a way to explain to the outside world! I also really enjoyed my classes at the University of Copenhagen and learned so much in my field of Public Health. It’s a shame that finishing my Masters in DK, didn’t quite work out as planned. But, I will keep searching for ways to obtain a work visa and hopefully return sooner than later.

      I would have loved to meet you also. Thanks for reading my blog.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Thank you, Brunson. have thoroughly enjoyed your blog, which I subscribed to several months ago when I learned that my daughter would be spending this fall semester of her junior year studying in the DIS program. Initially, I subscribed for my personal interest only, but found myself fowarding most of your posts to her at college. Although we each found your thoughts to be extremely interesting and informative, I believe that she must be feeling the real value of your insight now that she is actually in Copenhagen herself.

    I just noticed that she is also living in Norrebro as you did, but in Keops Kollegiet on Fvrbodervej. (Her little efficiency room isn’t nearly as cheerful as your living room appears!) I am planning a trip to visit her in October and will no doubt benefit from the experiences and knowledge you shared on your blog.

    I wish you much happiness and success as your continue your studies and hope that your path eventually leads back to Denmark.

    Thank you,

  5. summer says:

    I’m so excited to have found this blog. I was born and raised in Copenhagen but i’m a chinese descendent. Sorry for not being articulate enough to explain what i’m about to say. What i’m trying to say is after reading your blog, i think that you have captured every essence about Danes, their beliefs. thought and the whole culture itself. I moved to the US six years ago and somehow i’ve forgotten how danes are and reading your blog brought me back al ot of memories. Living in DK i didn’t really think about those things expecially janteloven. It’s incorporated into our minds without us even really realizing it. But in America it’s just the opposite people don’t shy away to express themselves. It is so true Danish people have a very dark ironic humor haha! I;ve been trying to understand american humor and their culture. It’s been hard for me to integrate.

    I think your blog has given many people some real insights about danish culture and I thank you for that.

    Wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


  6. Edgar says:

    It is so interesting to read about your experience in Denmark. 🙂
    Are you planning to go back there?

  7. hiyarina says:

    Dear Winnon,

    I have been accepted into the University of Aalborg, Copenhagen for the sustainable cities master program. Is there a way I can ask you about finances? Finding loans and US aid is very difficult! And I would love your help on this! Could you please message me back about how you went about finding funding?

  8. hiyarina says:

    Dear Winnon, I really appreciate you writing about your experience. It is so detailed! 🙂 Most importantly I have questions regarding finances, and you touched greatly on top of that! Is there ways I can ask you more questions? Thanks a bunch! I would appreciate your insight very much!

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